Why is this publication called Frontrun?

Front-running is access to asymmetric information. A belief that wealth creation is a zero-sum game and a byproduct of a transaction where one party (VCs, private equity, legacy banks) has more or better information than the other (you, retail traders, the 99%). “Better information” can take the form of insider trading on material events of a firm, high-frequency traders co-locating their data centers within the same building of an exchange, or arbitrage bots in crypto re-organizing blocks to maximize profit on a trade.

As retail investors, the macroeconomic policy shaped by government bureaucrats and the invisible hand of central bankers is far beyond your control. You can persist and create wealth. The catalyst for creating frontrun is the realization that the information you need to win is already available, yet most people ignore it because it sounds too complicated. Ignorance is the antithesis of financial freedom.

Frontrun on crypto

Crypto represents a fundamental shift in how humans engage with money. It is a potential hedge against fiat currency debasement, a sound monetary system not subject to a centralized cadre of unelected government officials acting as the economy's invisible hand.

Crypto can be humankind’s next generational wealth-creation event and the next step in the evolution of money:

Blockchain represents a fundamental shift in how humans engage with money:

  • Complex financial institutions operating as a black box will be replaced with decentralized, permissionless technologies where transactions are transparent, on-chain, and immutable.

  • Social & legal contracts managed by a system of regulators, attorneys & legislative lawmakers are obsolete and replaced with, smart contracts where agreements are enforced by code emerge as the most efficient and transparent solution.

  • Bespoke financial instruments and market-making opportunities not available to the general public will be deployed on-chain for everyone’s participation

Crypto and DeFi represent a blue ocean of untapped opportunity. There are no hierarchies, systems, or “web3 VCs with 30 years of crypto experience”. If you do the work, 12 months from now you will be the expert.

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Hi! this is John Cook. Welcome to Frontrun. We are a community of technologists and investors who advocate for transparent markets, liberty, and a government that serves the people.

John Cook San Francisco, CA circa 2021.

I spent many years as a management consultant at a big four. Eventually, I pivoted into the start-up ecosystem in Silicon Valley. During my time in the valley, I witnessed a quiet revolution in the technology and capital markets; the democratization of finance. Opaque close-door financial instruments and systems understood by very few were now available to the community.

This emerging technology eventually picked up a name: “decentralized finance”

I now write on Frontrun, a newsletter & podcast I wish I had when I bought my first bitcoin in 2013.

Mt Gox account - 2013. Bitcoin never recovered.

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