Jan 9 • 1HR 2M

EP14 - MakerDAO real world investment | Optimism OP token unlocks | Death of GMI

We review MakerDAO's latest real estate investment, discuss Optimism's upcoming unlock and current token price, and review why the GMI token died

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🔻Top 3 topics of the week for 1/7/23 MakerDAO partners with BlockTower and Centrifuge to facilitate real-world asset investments | Optimism’s OP token upcoming unlocks and valuation | The GMI token didn’t make it - RIP!


🚀 In this podcast we review:

  • Real-world asset investments with MakerDAO’s leap into commercial real estate

  • Optimism OP token valuation & upcoming unlock

  • A post-mortem on the GMI token: it didn’t make it

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