Jan 30 • 1HR 9M

EP16 - Is Grayscale intentionally delaying its bitcoin & ethereum ETF conversion?

Is the entire Grayscale ETF conversion dilemma an expensive marketing campaign to lure new retail investors? Has Grayscale failed its stockholders? Why? Was it intentional and what role did DCG play?

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John Cook
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🕵️ We review claims of Grayscale misconduct, conflicts of interest within its investment committee, failure to act in good faith to its stockholders, and claims of malfeasance against the backdrop of the 2023 DCG meltdown.

🚀 In this podcast we review:

  • A speed run of DCG's Genesis meltdown with Gemini and its relationship to Grayscale

  • Two separate legal proceedings against Grayscale's #bitcoin and #ethereum trust

  • Grayscale misconduct & conflicts of interest within Digital Currency Group 

  • Allegations of failure to act in the best interest of Grayscale's trust stockholders

  • Claims that Grayscale's ETF campaign is

    • An exploitative and wasteful campaign destined to drag out in the courts for years

    • An elaborate marketing expense to lure retail investors into the trust with no way out


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