Feb 13 • 1HR 17M

EP17 - What's caused Bitcoin and Ethereum prices to go up in January?

Crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been on a rip in 2023. Is it bull season or another dead cat bounce?

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John Cook
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🕵️ Crypto assets have been on a rip in 2023. Bitcoin is up 37% YTD, Ethereum is up 35%, and Solana is up 80%. Alt-coins like OP, LDO, MANA, and more have all experienced price appreciation greater than 100% in the 1st 30 days of 2023. Why? Is this time different? Are the technical indicators, charts, and averages right?

🚀 In this podcast we review:

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Lido, and Optimism's latest bull run

  • Is it a byproduct of strong fundamentals and new user adoption?

  • The invisible hand of the Federal Reserve?

  • Just another dead cat bounce?

  • What are the technical analysis and charts telling us? Does it even matter?


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