Nov 3, 2022 • 17M

EP2 - The risk and reward profile of starting your own company

Frontrun out loud: In this multi-episode podcast, we cover founder risks associated with starting your own company - starting with dilution.

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John Cook
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🔻 The data is clear, start-ups will not make you rich. This is especially true for “founding team members” (pre-seed) and “early employees” (seed round, series A). In this multi-episode podcast, we cover founder risks - starting with dilution.

🚀 What’s more admirable than throwing caution to the wind in the pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream? How many of us envision a future where we are our own boss and the master of our destiny? The grit and determination to start your own company and “be your own CEO” should stem from an innate desire to make the world a better place with the creation of your product or service. In the absence of this passion, most people view the nobility of entrepreneurship as a byproduct of wanting to be rich.

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