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EP12 - Why all crypto funds failed in 2022

EP12 - Why all crypto funds failed in 2022

The abysmal 2022 returns of actively managed crypto funds | Binance's attestation problems | Ethereum banned by bitcoin maxis because of "freedom"

🔻Are crypto VC funds really the smartest people in the room? How is it possible that the biggest and smartest brains in the crypto vc ecosystem posted the worst returns in 2022? All actively managed funds performed worse than bitcoin and Ethereum, already down ~60% ytd!


🚀 In this podcast we:

  • Outline how actively managed funds in the traditional equities space are unable to outperform their benchmark piers

  • Draw parallels to actively managed crypto funds making the same mistakes as their traditional finance counterparts

  • Analyze the worst-performing crypto assets in 2022

  • Discuss the latest domino to fall in Binance’s solvency

  • Review why Paxful banned ethereum because they love freedom?

📚 Supporting content:

  1. No winners in 2022

  2. Frontrun’s crypto thesis

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