Frontrun with John Cook
EP3 - Ponzi of the year award goes to FTX

EP3 - Ponzi of the year award goes to FTX

Greed begets greed and FTX was a master-class on how to ponzi the world.

🔻 Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX empire: the advocate for regulatory oversight to safeguard the plebs, is now being accused of using depositor funds in “bespoke non-reported transactions between financial counterparties”. Did he fool you? Don’t feel bad. He also fooled Blackrock, Forbes, Bloomberg, Sequoia Capital, The City of Miami, Tom Brady, Giselle Bundchen, The Ontario Pension Fund and many more.


🚀 Greed begets greed, and in this podcast, we outline how SBF lost $16 billion dollars in depositor funds and destroyed $8 billion in wealth via the collapse of the FTT token.

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Cover art generated by DALL-E: “a mural of the stock market crashing”