Frontrun with John Cook
EP4 - Fake money and bad reporting

EP4 - Fake money and bad reporting

How FTX created a ponzi scheme with fake money and why mainstream media is ignoring it

🔻FTX literally created money from thin air. FTT is a pre-mined crypto token sold to early investors, pumped to retail bag holders, and used as collateral in exchange for US stablecoins. The downfall of the FTT token is that it lacks economic value. Zero revenue earned by FTX is paid to token holders.


🚀 In this podcast we cover the rise of FTX via the FTT token economics, the final capitulation, and explore why:

  • crypto publications like The Block aren’t able to report the truth

  • the largest crypto publication in the world, CoinDesk, is beholden to the same forces responsible for the impending implosion of GBTC and Genesis

  • the largest and most prestigious venture fund in the world won’t admit wrongdoing in its involvement with FTX

  • the fintech and crypto desk of the Financial Times is unable or willing to call out the ponzi tokenomics of FTT and the FTX token

…and how this prevents mainstream media outlets like: CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, NYTimes, WSJ, Fox, and more from reporting the truth

📚 Read the full analysis here:

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