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EP13 - Is Lido in trouble?

EP13 - Is Lido in trouble?

We review Lido's distressing financial statements for calendar year 2022 and assess the risks associated with the LDO token.

🔻Is Ethereum’s largest liquid staking derivative Lido in trouble? Lido recently released its financial statements for the calendar year 2022, and it’s not positive. The DAO lost $100 million, its treasury dropped 70%, Lido investors and early employees have completed their vesting schedule, and the entire LDO token was pre-mined and pre-sold!


🚀 In this podcast we:

  • Make the bear case for Lido in 2023

  • Discuss Lido’s 2022 financial results

  • Define the failed tokenomics of the LDO token

  • Review Lido’s pre-sold token schedule

  • Outline the Lido investors who pump then dumped LDO

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